Do you hate queues? Do you avoid busy shops and restaurants because you don’t want to wait? Us too. We created the WioPay queue busting app to make queues a thing of the past.

Making life easier

How great would it be to pre-order your drinks at a concert from your phone? Or to pay for your petrol without having to leave a sleeping child in a car? With WioPay, you can do this.

A proven track record

We’ve been running the WioPay queue busting solution for several years now. So as well as providing the technology, we pass on practical advice to our retail partners.

Contact us

Have a question about WioPay?

There are lots of answers on our FAQs page. Or email us at support@wiopay.com

Have some feedback about WioPay?

We love to hear what customers think of our queue busting app and ways to improve it. Please send any feedback directly from the app or email us at feedback@wiopay.com

Need to disable your account?

If your phone is lost or stolen, please email us immediately at support@wiopay.com