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Customer's life value
Nowadays, customers value convenience and products that are tailored to their specific needs. If you want your company to keep a competitive advantage in the near future, client personalization is a priority.
How to use customer data to improve client experience
A competitive advantage lies in excellent customer experience. This means producing a personalized, fast, easy and useful service. Customers are more demanding than ever, and companies need to catch up. The only way to improve the customer experience? By analyzing data. The customer is at the center - by understanding what a client needs, a company can deliver the best service possible and therefore have loyal customers and higher profits. Here are some ways analyzing data can improve customer experience:
Why innovations are driven by large corporations in Cafe industry?
Why innovations are driven by large corporations in Café industry? According to Business Insider, mobile pre-ordering is expected to be a $38 billion industry by 2020. Starbucks has introduced Mobile Ordering platform a few years ago. Following the customer pain, Costa launched Costa Collect feature in 111 London-based stores prior to an expected extension of the initiative in the new year, hence, a huge investment to R&D and infrastructure.
Invisible payments come to Highbury
While sitting out a game due to injury at Emirates Stadium, an Arsenal player, noticed food and drink being delivered to the VIP box next to his. His curiosity led to the discovery that his neighbours were taking part in a test of an order and pay service, powered by WoraPay. Even though he was nursing an inflamed back, he was eager not to be left out and made a request.
Acquiring banks look to Beat the Queue
Mobile order and pay just got easier with WoraPay and Lloyds Bank Cardnet Not so long ago, merchants in the UK had to process a range of payments options, from cash, credit and debit cards, to offering a myriad of paper stamp cards to track and reward customer loyalty. In those days, while their patrons queued up for everything from their morning coffee to a quick afternoon sandwich, these merchants had one main request from their banking partners: ‘What can you do to reduce my card fees?’
The 12 takeaways of Order and Pay!
Office workers and coffee lovers took to their smartphones in 2017 in order to beat the queue with Order and Pay via the WoraPay as well as other service providers. As we reach the end of 2017 with a season of festive cheer, we offer you ‘The 12 Takeaways of Order and Pay’ to ring in the start of 2018!

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