The 12 takeaways of Order and Pay!

Order and Pay


Office workers and coffee lovers took to their smartphones in 2017 in order to beat the queue with Order and Pay via the WoraPay as well as other service providers. As we reach the end of 2017 with a season of festive cheer, we offer you ‘The 12 Takeaways of Order and Pay’ to ring in the start of 2018!

  1. According to Business Insider, mobile pre-ordering is expected to be a $38 billion industry by 2020.
  2. Business Insider also expects smart phone orders in quick service and fast causal outlets to make up more than 10% of all sales by 2020.
  3. WoraPay predicts that 20% of UK takeaway drinks and food will be pre-ordered on mobile for queue-less pickup by 2020.
  4. Cafes and coffee shops using WoraPay Order and Pay service on average served 600 pre-ordered drinks (10% of all drinks served), while the best-performing bigger shops served more than 3,500 (30%) per month.
  5. Office workers were able to take advantage of the opportunity to pre-order their coffee and food this year with WoraPay engaged in seven out of 15 key in-office caterers in the UK. The trend is clear: in-office caterers are now in a good position to use mobile Order and Pay to fight increasing competition from the high street.
  6. Continuing to be pioneers in offering mobile ordering to their customers, the catering company Gather and Gather rolled out the WoraPay order and pay service to over one third of their customers in the UK and Ireland in 2017. The rest will see the benefits of Order and Pay by 2018.
  7. In 2017 Gather and Gather saved their customers 2,000-plus working days by using WoraPay’s service to beat the queue and use that time more productively. Staff also saved 350-plus working days that could be put to better use serving customers rather than taking orders at the till.
  8. Liverpool Women’s Hospital got to spend more time caring for the sick and saving lives (and less time waiting queues for much deserved coffees) with Order and Pay via WoraPay this year as well!
  9. Busy shoppers at Trafford Shopping Centre in Manchester were also able to avoid the queue for their favourite coffee or take-away food by using Order and Pay.
  10. Security and ease of payment is the key to the success of Order and Pay service. This year, WoraPay partnered with the Mastercard service Masterpass which allows users of WoraPay’s mobile wallet WioPay to pay with a secure, one-click payment — storing all payment information, including any payment network card details in one convenient, secure place.
  11. Lloyds Cardnet identified that Order and Pay service is what their retail customers are looking for, therefore they partnered with WoraPay to serve their customers need and help them to launch and benefit from Order and Pay service quickly.
  12. Order and Pay goes global as other banks in the EU look to replicate the success of WoraPay’s relationship with Lloyds Banking Group to offer Order and Pay to their retailing partners in 2018!

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