How to use customer data to improve client experience

A competitive advantage lies in excellent customer experience.

This means producing a personalized, fast, easy and useful service. Customers are more demanding than ever, and companies need to catch up.

The only way to improve the customer experience? By analyzing data. The customer is at the center - by understanding what a client needs, a company can deliver the best service possible and therefore have loyal customers and higher profits.

Here are some ways analyzing data can improve customer experience:

1. Defining customer needs and preferences

Understanding customer problems comes from analyzing customer behavior. By analyzing user testimonials, social networks, purchasing history, and mobile app analytics, a company has a better idea of what a customer really wants, what they will pay for and what will keep them as loyal customers.

2. Creating a customer-first strategy

Loyal customers spend 2 to 3 times more than low-level loyalty clients. Creating a customer-first strategy means providing quality services and products, well-trained staff and knowing how to meet customer needs and preferences. Continuously recording the right data helps measure whether a customer-first strategy is working.

3. Using data to deliver targeted messages

By recording and analyzing data from email marketing activities (such as click-through rate and quantity of email opens), a company can understand what reaches customers, and then design a message that engages customers. This can include push notifications, discounts, gifts and much more.

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