Privacy policy

Privacy notice

We take the privacy of our customers and our partners extremely seriously. Be assured that your data is protected when you use the WioPay order ahead app.

This privacy notice provides information on how private limited liability company WoraPay, or/and brand name “WioPay” (referred to in this notice as "WioPay", "we" or "us") uses personal data relating to users (referred to in this notice as "you") of the WioPay application (the "Application") and related services and website (together referred to in this notice as the "Services").

This notice is version 2.3 and was last updated on 21nd May 2018.

1. Who are we?

1.1. Private limited liability company WoraPay, or/and brand name “WioPay”, legal entity code 302308715, registered in Republic of Lithuania, address: V. Maciulevičiaus str. 53, Vilnius, Lithuania, contact e-mail address:, is your Personal Data Controller.

1.2. You can contact us using the contact details set out at paragraph 9 below.

2. Collection and use of data by WioPay

2.1. Registration details

2.1.1. If you install the Application, you will be asked to register with us in order to create a WioPay profile and receive the related Services. Registration information will include:

2.1.2. the telephone number of the mobile device on which you have installed the Application. This will be used to deliver the Services and confirm payments;

2.1.3. you will also be asked to set a password and PIN to give access to your profile and confirm payments.

2.2. Your payment card details

2.2.1. Your card details will be securely stored by WioPay and/or Payment Services Providers for ease of use in future transactions using the Application. This enables you to identify the appropriate card in future transactions. WioPay ensures that WioPay and all Payment Services Providers collects, transmits, stores and protects your card details in accordance with PCI DSS requirements. You may remove payment cards from the Application at any time.

2.3. Your merchant visits

2.3.1. In order to pay a merchant bill or order using the Application, you will need to select an available merchant location from the list or otherwise check-in at selected merchant, e.g. by scanning a provided code with the Application. The Application may use geolocation data for above. By turning on the location services in the Application settings you are allowing WioPay to use your geolocation data. You can turn these settings off at any time. The details of your bill or order will be used to deliver the Services.

2.3.2. We may also collect data relating to your merchant visits for the future provision of a service to access past bills or orders, and for analysis and statistical purposes (see below). This data is collected through the Application and from the merchant’s systems.

2.4. Contacting us or visiting our website

2.4.1. If you contact us (via email, telephone, post or otherwise), we may collect and retain your contact details and your communication for the purpose of handling your query and keeping records of communications. We do not generally collect personal data on our website.

2.5. We assure you that we process your personal data only on legitimate basis, i.e. your personal data is collected and processed only:

2.5.1. When you order goods by using Application – we process your personal data on purchase contract basis;
2.5.2. When you create personal account on Application, we process your personal data in order to take steps prior to entering into a contract;
2.5.3. When you give your consent to process your personal data;
2.5.4. When applicable laws oblige us to process your personal data.

3. Analysis and statistics

3.1. We may use the data we collect about you for analysis and statistical purposes, for example to analyse how many users are visiting particular restaurants at particular times, food preferences, and the characteristics of such users, for example their age or gender.

3.2. Statistics and results of analysis (anonymised and without reference to your personal data) may be shared with our partner restaurants and their suppliers for the purpose of improving the customer experience within restaurants.

3.3. We do not use such data for individual profiling or direct marketing purposes.

4. Other use of your personal data

4.1. We may also use your personal data for the purposes of:

4.1.1. checking your compliance with our terms of use;
4.1.2. administration and maintenance of the Services;
4.1.3. compliance with legal obligations, or protection and enforcement our legal rights and those of our partners or other users; and/or
4.1.4. managing actual or potential business transactions (e.g. in the case of an acquisition of our business).

5. Disclosure of your personal data to other parties

5.1. Your personal data can be disclosed to our trusted partners with which we have contracted. In order to provide proper Services, we will transfer your personal data to these partners:

5.1.1. We may share statistics and results of analysis with merchants as described above.
5.1.2. We may also share of your contact details, provided during registration, including your phone number, with merchants in order for them to reach you in case of any issues related to provision of Services.

5.2. We may also disclose your personal data for the purposes outlined at paragraph 4 above to third parties, including:

5.2.1. our service providers and professional advisers;
5.3.2. governmental bodies and law enforcement authorities;
5.3.3. any purchaser or (on terms of confidentiality) likely purchaser of our business;
5.3.4. other third parties where required or permitted by law.

6. Storage and security of your personal data

6.1. Your personal data is stored in electronic and physical records maintained by us and/or our service providers. For maintenance of your personal data we and/or our service providers may use servers located in different countries across European Union. Our service providers may have servers located overseas. Where personal data is processed outside the European Union, WoraPay will ensure that the data is processed in accordance with UK law requirements and/or that there are adequate safeguards in place to protect your personal data.

7. Retention of personal data

7.1.Your personal data are processed as long as it is necessary to provide Services to you but not less than we are obliged to process your personal data by applicable law. Your personal data, processed by us on basis of your consent, is processed and stored until you withdraw such consent.

7.2. We may retain your information after it is no longer necessary to provide Services to comply with the law, prevent fraud, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems and to comply with other legitimate obligations.

7.3. We may remove your profile in accordance with clause 8.2 of our terms of use, including in the circumstances where you breach our terms or have not used our Services for a substantial period of time.

8. Personal data rectification, erasure and other rights

8.1. All your personal data held by us are accessible and can be reviewed within the Application. In case you would like to receive a copy of any personal data which we hold about you, please send a request by email using the contact details in paragraph 9 below.

8.2. Also you may rectify, delete or limit your personal data by logging into your Application account. If you find difficulties to rectify, delete or otherwise change your personal data you may contact us using the contact details in paragraph 9 below.

8.3. You have the right to request to erase your personal data or account. Your personal data will be erased upon receipt of your request. We may however retain certain aspects of your profile and other personal details for the purposes of maintaining records of applicable laws implementation . Your personal data will not be deleted from our database if, upon receiving your request, we will determine that:

8.3.1. your personal data is needed to achieve the purpose for which it was collected or processed;
8.3.2. consent you gave for processing of your personal data is not withdrawn;
8.3.3. you did not agree with your personal data processing, but such processing is necessary because of our legitimate interest;
8.3.4. processing of your personal data is subject to European Union and/or national legislation.
8.3.5. we need to process your personal data for establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

8.4. You have the right to restrict processing of your personal data. After such restriction we will no longer take any action other than personal data storage. You may restrict processing of your personal data in any of the following circumstances:

8.4.1. your personal data is inaccurate (personal data processing actions in this case will be restricted for a period enabling us to verify the accuracy of the personal data);
8.4.2. your personal data is processed unlawful, but you do not agree to delete your data;
8.4.3. your personal data is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.
8.4.4. you have objected to processing your personal data. Personal data processing actions in this case will be restricted for a period enabling us to verify whether the legitimate grounds of us override those of you.

8.5. You have right to data portability. Right to data portability means that you have right to receive information concerning your personal data, which you have provided to us, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. In case of technical capabilities, and upon your request, such data may be forwarded directly to another person specified by you.

8.6. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us using the contact details in paragraph 9 below.

8.7. If you think that your rights have been violated, you may contact State Data Protection Inspectorate.

9. Queries

9.1. If you have any queries in relation to the processing of your personal data by the WioPay order ahead app, please contact us:

9.2. You may submit requests for processing your personal data in the following ways:

9.2.1. using your personal account in Application;
9.2.2. by sending your request via e-mail:

.3. We identify you by your telephone number. When you submit your request always provide your telephone number. In other case we will not be able to identify you properly and submit the information requested by you or to fulfil your request.